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I was born in Haiti where I lived until I was seven years old when I came to America. At first, the challenges of speaking a new language, adjusting to a new culture and becoming accustomed to my new family in the states was overwhelming. After a few years, I began to adapt to this country and began to explore and admire what it had to offer me.

I had graduated from college and living a normal life when at the age of thirty years young I faced my biggest challenge. I was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer and the outlook was rather dim. During this time I underwent chemotherapy and went back to college to earn my Master’s Degree in Children’s Literacy. After six years of fighting cancer, I’m happy to say that it is in full remission and I look forward to the challenges that lay ahead of me.

Currently, I reside in the city of Edison, New Jersey where I am a special education teacher. I enjoy the complications that this job offers and working with beautiful, loving children who face special obstacles when it comes to learning. I take great pride in what I do for a living as it brings great joy to see the smiles of my students as they overcome their own learning challenges each and every day. I wake up each morning looking forward to what my day brings in my profession and working with some of the most beautiful children in helping them overcome their learning disability so they can grow up and achieve their dreams.

God has been very good to me in my life. Everyday I surround myself with the warmth of God’s love, my family and my friends as I take pride in my profession, where I came from and how far I have come in my life’s journey. I feel both humbled and very blessed by my life so far and look forward to new challenges. I believe in expanding my horizons when it comes to the activities in my life beyond the work that I do. In my spare time I work on arts and crafts projects that give me a great deal of satisfaction. From creating stained glass, card and jewelry designing and writing children’s books I feel that I have barely touched on what this life has to offer so far.

I am a goal oriented person who feels that expanding my horizons means experiencing as much of the joy and opportunities that my life has to offer. I realized this when I was only 21 years old. At that time I created what is now called a “bucket list,” which is a list of things I want to accomplish while I walk on this Earth. Even at that young of an age, I understood how much one life can experience if I only set my sights on the goals that I wish to achieve.

I was very ambitious when I wrote down my bucket list and I’ve yet to fulfill all the promises I made to myself at that time. However, being blessed by the love that God brings along with the support of my family and friends I’m confident that I will complete my list and more.

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