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 I would like to introduce myself, my name is Elizabeth Rooks, and I’m excited along with just being a little bit nervous     about writing my first blog post for my new website. I want to take just a little time to tell you about my website and what I hope to talk with you about as we start our new journey together. It’s my intention to share with you my thoughts, inspirations, and joys and to hear back from you.

I am an author and special education teacher, I love working with children and I hope to convey that joy with the books I have written for them. But more than just telling you about my current projects I want to share with you my thoughts, favorite topics, recopies, do-it-yourself projects and much, much more as we get to know each other.

My work with children of special needs helped me to realize just how much joy is in the world. Currently, I have written one children’s book and am finishing up on two other books that will be published very soon. My inspiration comes not only from my work, but from my own life and the stories shared by others as well. Within this blog you’ll not only read about the latest updates to the projects I’m working on, DIY projects, (do it yourself), recipes, but other topics that are important to me like my favorite websites, the stores where I love to shop (T.J MAXX is one of my favorites!), other great reading books that I enjoy and current trends that I see every day.

I want to share these topics and more with you because I hope that the more you know about me, the more you want to share your views, thoughts, ideas, and inspirations with me and everyone who is part of my blog. As much as I created this blog to let you know who I am, I am even more interested in hearing
from you. Whether you have questions about the projects I am working on, perhaps you want to bring up what inspires you or maybe just sharing something that made you laugh I would love to hear it. A blog is more than just a way for me to reach you. It’s a way for all of us to communicate through a shared interest. I know I’m not alone in my love for children and in writing stories that help fuel their imagination.

Please subscribe to my blog so that you can get the latest information on my new projects, book signings and new topics that I will post about frequently. This way, I hope that we can get to know each other a little more and if you have an interest in my works that you’ll get the information before anyone else. It’s important when you find something that brings you a little joy to keep it a part of your life. Whether it is a favorite hobby, keeping up with current trends,
discussing subjects close to your heart or finding something that gives you a laugh, I hope that my blog can become just a small part of your wonderful life and bring you a little joy from time to time.

Thank you for your time and enjoy!!


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Thank you to all

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christmas background 003 300x236 Thank you to all

We had a great end of the year and it is all thanks to you parents!!!

Thank you for your patience with us during our start up year, to show our appreciation, we hear at has decided to extend an after Christmas sale on all of our books.

From now until the end of the year, enter the promo code above and you will receive 30% on the full order.

Thank you once again and we hope that everyone has enjoyed their Christmas.

yours truly, here at the Elizabeth Rooks camp.


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My colleagues supporting me in breast cancer awareness by wearing pink wigs.20121012 452 1024x768 PINK POWER!!!

Hey guys, here is an artwork update for “Where Does Santa Work after Christmas?”

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Although “Where does Santa go for vacation after Christmas?” Is just came out and is doing great, we are working on the next Christmas installment “SC20120924 120259 1 271x300 Hey guys, here is an artwork update for Where Does Santa Work after Christmas?Where Does Santa Work after Christmas?”.


Stay tuned for more updates. #spotsanta

Look where we spotted Santa!!!

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Santa Conan 300x300 Look where we spotted Santa!!!

09/19 make sure to get your copy of “Where does Santa go for vacation after Christmas #spotsanta

New book is quickly on its way 09/19/12 SAVE THE DATE!!!

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Cover page for Sanat1 New book is quickly on its way 09/19/12 SAVE THE DATE!!!

With the summer gone and the school year upon us we will have to start thinking about Christmas and what better gift that keeps on giving then a great children’s book! whether your a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or just a friend that has friends with kids, this will be a great stocking stuffer.

“Where Does Santa Go on Vacation after Christmas?” will officially be in stores September 19th perfect time to cross off the little ones on your Christmas list. This will be one of the great books of this year and it will be a great stocking stuffer or first book for your kids. There is nothing wrong with a toy for your kids but a great book will last them for years to come!!!

Happy reading everyone!!!