Rayne Queen Water Supplier of the World

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Rayne cover front only 227x300 Rayne Queen Water Supplier of the WorldMeet a clever and adventurous little girl with an inventive imagination in author Elizabeth Rooks’ Rayne.  Rayne believes she is the queen water supplier of the world, providing food to eat and homes to live in for all her animal friends.

But the animals aren’t quite convinced. Follow along as Rayne tries to convince Cora the Cow, Dale the Dolphin, Betsy the Bird, and Bella the Butterfly that she truly is queen water supplier of the world!

Will Rayne be able to convince her animal friends she’s the queen water supplier of the world? Discover this delightfully charming adventure and learn about the wonders of water.plier of the world, and that she is the real reason why they have food to eat and a home to live in?




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