Where Does Santa Go on Vacation after Christmas?

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sample of Santa on vaction 258x300 Where Does Santa Go on Vacation after Christmas?

Do you ever wonder what Santa does after Christmas? So does Tyler. This inspiring and entertaining book is all about Tyler, a little boy with a huge imagination and an unquenchable curiosity. Come along for the ride as Tyler follows the man in the bright red suit, finding just where he is on vacation throughout the rest of the year.

Tyler discovers that Santa pays a visit to Japan, where he learns to say hello in Japanese: Konnichi wa, along with visiting Hawaii and learning how to say hello in Hawaiian: Aloha. Santa tries to fit into the lifestyles of the people in the places he visits, but it is not that easy for the man with the white beard to go unnoticed simply because he is Santa Claus.

This book teaches children about different cultures, and helps children find appreciation for the cultural diversities of people around the world. Children will find this book very engaging, informative, and enjoyable. Where Does Santa Go on Vacation after Christmas? is very funny and entertaining, yet it teaches children values and encourages tolerance for differences while giving children an idea of the size and diversity of the world, helping them to look at the world beyond their home towns.



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