Where Does Santa Work after Christmas?

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santa after 245x300 Where Does Santa Work after Christmas?

Santa has one main job that everyone knows about, which is to deliver joy and happiness with the awesome gifts he brings for the good little children of the world. Do you ever wonder if Santa has another job? So does Tyler. This short story revolves around a young boy’s curiosity about Santa’s life after Christmas. This quest takes Tyler along a fun and informative journey where he explores the various careers Santa has after Christmas. Tyler discovers Santa wears many hats, not just his recognizable red hat. In this enjoyable book, Santa works at an animal hospital as a veterinarian and takes care of sick animals like zebras, toucan, turtles, or dogs. Santa also works at a fire station as a firefighter, putting out fires, and rescuing kittens from tall trees. Children will love the colorful pictures, and the crafty way in which the story teaches them about different occupations and the responsibilities associated with each profession.


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